Incognito is now accepting applications for summer internships. Inquire in person or via Email.

What's New

Cara Greenleaf Designs

Chain Mail jewelry and armor, Handmande here in Indiana. A gorgeous array of classic and modern patterns. Accepting custom orders.

The Alchemist's Vault

Handmade jewelry by local artist M. Messer. His new line includes natural stones, bone, wood, and leather. All ethically sourced and beautifully executed. 

Gear up for Convention

Place your order now to reserve your spot for custom costuming by Aris. Don't forget to check our schedules and attend our presentations at your favorite Indiana Con. 

Materials by Aris & Rome

Monster Mud, Hades Hardening Papier-Mache, and Bags of Luxe Scrap Fabrics now prepared by the pound. Call ahead to check availability and receive a special discount.

Our Wish List

Do you recycle? Us too. The store appreciates your newspapers, coffee cans (plastic or metal), and pringles cans once your finished with them.