Education & Instruction

Learn New Skills

Take advantage of tutorials and classes every month covering a wide range of subjects from pattern piecing to wig styling. Sewing skills and intro to thermoplastics. Everything from props to puppetry. 

Our workroom is the place to find plans for building weapons of meager destruction, designing the perfect cape and cowl, sketching a suit of armor, or assembling accouterment for the wardrobe you’ve always desired. 

Create and unwind with us while mingling with other heroes and villains in the heart of Fountain Square.

Our sessions fill up fast. Don’t forget to RSVP. If you are planning to attend more than one session, ask about package pricing.

Recurring Monthly Sessions- Open to All Ages

Beginner’s Sewing

Intermediate Sewing

Advanced Sewing

Cosplay Crashcourse

Hand Sewing

Leather Apron

Specialty Classes

Introduction to EVA Foam

Thermoplastics For Beginners

Resin Casting

Mold Making

Leather Tooling 1 & 2

& More

Schedule A Session For Your Group

Private Sessions For Groups of 3 -15

Typically 2-4hr Sessions

Can Be Tailored To Students Interests

Call the Shop For Availability & Details