A place for alter egos and assumed identities

Hot Glue and Hand Grenades

Costuming for all occasions and incidents. Drop by and find plans to build weapons of meager destruction, design your perfect cape and cowl, or try out a new hat. You can also order a custom piece from one of our talented artists. Everything from props to puppetry, we know a guy.

Sequins and Stillettos

Schedule ahead for services, body painting, fittings and alterations. Shoes and head pieces customized to match your wardrobe. 

Have an item that needs repair or modification? Want to add beading or sequins to a piece you already own?  We do that too. 

Create and Ruminate

While you're here take advantage of live tutorials and classes every month covering a wide range of subjects from pattern piecing to wig styling. Sewing skills and intro to thermoplastics.

Or just unwind with us and mingle with other heroes and villains in the heart of Fountain Square.

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Incognito by Aris & Rome

1060 Virginia Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46203

(317) 492-9724


Sunday: 12pm - 7pm

Monday: By Appointment

Tuesday - Saturday: 10am - 9pm

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